Be Brave, Conquer Your Fears, and Live Happy

How Surrendering Your Fears Can Help Overcome Them


Fear is a joy stealer, a liar, and a waste of time. It has the power to blind us from all that is good and hold us hostage, in a place crippled with uncertainty and doubt. I know because it happened to me. After two tragic deaths of people I loved in my mid-twenties, fear, and anxiety consumed me. And worry became my good morning and good night.

Fear Of The Unknown Only Has The Power We Give It

Losing two people in my life at a young age, I began fearing my mortality. More often than not, the stillness of nighttime fueled irrational thoughts about dying. A simple cramp in my leg would immediately bring my uncontrolled thoughts to an unhealthy place, like an impending blood clot that I was sure would take me down or a headache that could potentially be a brain tumor or aneurysm. My heart would begin to race as I had just completed an intense high-cardio workout, and I would frequently check my rapid pulse. The fear was...

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