What if I Told You That You Could...

βœ” radically transform the way you see yourself and communicate with others...

βœ” you could be that confident, successful woman that you see and admire in others...

βœ” finally move past those crippling fears that hold you back from achieving your goals...

βœ” discover better ways to stick to your goals...

βœ” begin to take ownership...

βœ” you can learn how to make your fears powerless! 


What if I told you that you could push past the fear, and you don't have to do it alone. 

Are you ready to overcome your fear and truly live life on purpose? 

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What is Confidence Coaching? 

Are you ready to:

1) Embrace Change

2) Remove Fear

3) Live with Confidence

I can help you clarify your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and come up with solutions for overcoming each one.


If you're ready...

to transform your life through discovering your confidence, laying your fears to rest, and finally setting goals that are achievable, let's get started.

Here's the good news friend...

The journey to uncovering your confidence and completely shifting your mindset isn’t an easy one, and that’s why you shouldn’t do it alone. I’m passionate about helping women like you change their lives through uncovering their biggest superpower: Confidence.

Find Out If Confidence Coaching is right for you!

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The Confidence Course!

This course was made to help you grow and to gain the self-confidence you need to move ahead in life in a successful and most fulfilled way. You don't want to keep doing the same old thing, achieving the same old results. You're looking for something better. And, even though it will be hard sometimes trust me, it will be so worth it.


With This Course, You Can...

Live with intention

You will discover your why, set goals, identify your fears, all so that you can truly start start living again! 

Re-build your self-esteem

With professional assessments, deep-dive journal questions, video guidance, and steps for addressing the roots you will be able to re-build your self-esteem!

Take ownership of your life

You will be given the tools to work on relationships, fight through comparison, embrace discomfort, build new life-giving habits, and practice the power of choice!  

...that's just the beginning! This course has so much in store for you! 

Success Stories


Elizabeth, NY

"Highly recommend taking this course! The combination of the videos and workbook provides real results. The reflection, assessments and journaling helped me identify what areas of my life needed a change to be a more confident version of myself. I believe anyone can take this course and see results."


Natalia, OH

"In the confidence course, Amy clearly lays out what it takes to live a life of confidence. It's no magic formula and she's not promising a "quick fix" to insecurity. Instead, she challenges you to take a hard look at the way you're currently living your life and considering what patterns are keeping you from thriving. This course is a mix of tough love from a friend and a pre-game pep talk from your favorite coach. I left challenged to actively build confidence rather than just wait for it to happen to me"

Get a sneak peek at your course syllabus! 

Here's What You'll Be Learning...

Become a confident communicator.


Whether you’re trying to manage the daily mad-dash around the house, communicate more effectively to your husband or find the confidence to speak up in those crowded work meetings, this course will give you the tools you need to be able to speak up.

Squash that fear. FOR GOOD.


This course will equip you to uncover that fear that’s holding you back and will help you finally move forward from it with confidence.

Finally achieve your goals.


I’ll show you the RIGHT way to set goals, so you can finally get to the root reason of why your goals haven’t stuck in the past. 

& These Bonuses!

Bonus #1 - Printable Affirmation Cards

You'll get two sets of Printable Affirmation Cards that you can place if key locations for life-giving reminders. 

Bonus #2 - Course Highlights

You'll get a cheat sheet to look back on, print for safekeeping, or display on your desk as you continue to move forward and surrender your fear. 

Bonus #3 - Framable Affirmation Designs

You'll get half a dozen Framable Affirmation Designs that are ready to print and matte! 

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Course Includes:

  • In-depth video modules for each lesson,

  • Lesson transcripts to save or follow along,

  • Assessments & journal prompts for a deeper dive,
  • An action packed digital PDF workbook to use as a guided journal,


  • Bonus 1: Two sets of Printable Affirmation Cards,

  • Bonus 2: Course highlight sheet to save and reflect on,

  • Bonus 3:Β Framable Affirmation Designs

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Hey there, I'm Amy, and I’m here to help you live a life on purpose. I’m passionate about helping women unlock their most confident selves through defeating anxiety and finding their inner courage.

After my cancer diagnosis at age 40, I truly realized what it meant to embrace the discomforts that come with life, and how to turn fear into courage. I want to help you get there too.

I am a writer and the host of the Life on Purpose, I send out a weekly newsletter full of resources and encouragement in addition to my blog. In March Arabelle Publishing is releasing my first book called Embolden and have had articles featured in top websites, like ThriveGlobalDarlingMagazine.org and ForEveryMom.

My passion for helping you turn fear into confidence is the heartbeat behind what I do. I know this works because I’ve lived it. I’ve wasted years putting my efforts in the wrong places, so I know that this course WORKS. Let me help you heal, move ahead with confidence, and live life to the fullest with joy.

Don't let these common fears or questions hold you back!

Frequently Asked Questions...

Let this course change your journey...

Don't stay stagnant, you were made to grow and learn! This course will help you discover your why, establish goals, rebuild your self-esteem, 


You're getting some of the best training guides, assessments, reflections and tools to help your reflection process throughout the course.

Is This Course Right For Me?

Yes, because...

You’re ready to transform the way you respond to fear and live your life in freedom!

No, because...

You're not ready to face your fears and have someone walk with you through growing your confidence, self-esteem, and communication skills.

Fear Is Normal But Courage Gets The Final Say

Don't wait! I was once in your shoes, but I put the work in, and it brought me here. That’s why I’m so excited about teaching you the same skills that I have used over the years for your own personal growth and success.

Here Is Everything You Get...

βœ” In-depth video modules for each lesson,

βœ” Lesson transcripts to save or follow along,

βœ” An action packed workbook to use as a guided journal,

βœ” Bonus 1: Two sets of Printable Affirmation Cards,

βœ” Bonus 2: Course highlight sheet to save and reflect on,

βœ” Bonus 3: Framable Affirmation Designs

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Course Includes:

  • In-depth video modules for each lesson,

  • Lesson transcripts to save or follow along,

  • Assessments & journal prompts for a deeper dive,
  • An action packed digital PDF workbook to use as a guided journal 


  • Bonus 1: Two sets of Printable Affirmation Cards,

  • Bonus 2: Course highlight sheet to save and reflect on,

  • Bonus 3: Framable Affirmation Designs

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