I’m your host Amy Debrucque. This year we are going to be talking about how everything we experience in life is an opportunity to either be Emboldened or Embolden others. It is only with intention that we make things happen in our life, that life that God has so graciously given us. I am so excited to share with you some incredible women and what they are doing to Embolden their lives and those around them. So I hope you find these conversations inspiring and encouraging to know that no matter what your age or circumstance, you have the power and choice to make a difference and be Emboldened. Enjoy.

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Rachael Adams

I love Amy’s authenticity and wisdom. This podcast is bringing light to the dark areas of anxiety and fear. If you want to find peace and courage this podcast is for you.

Sues L.

Amy has taken her experiences with anxiety, loss and grief and transferred it into a platform to reach other women who have or currently are experiencing similar circumstances. Her empathy and pure generosity are evident in her writing and each podcast episode. They epitomize the ethos of her spirit to which each listener / reader can benefit.


Amy does a beautiful work sharing stories, testimonies, truths on life’s struggles with guests who have overcome and remind us we are not alone and Hope exists!

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I was honored to be a guest on The Love Offering and Thankyouheartbreak podcasts and the Life on Purpose Summit.  You can listen in on my interviews by clicking on the images below.


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