Life On Purpose Podcast 


January is an exciting month for all new things including this new podcast! I have gathered an incredible group of women that I will be interviewing including, N.Y. Times best selling authors, business professionals, radio host and, everyday women as we discuss anxiety in the life of women and ways to overcome fear and live Life On Purpose. You can listen in here!

The Art of Storytelling

Recently I had the privilege of listening to meditative stories from the people who lived them. I instantly found them to be more calming and relaxing than any other guided meditation I had done before. Because of that, I decided to offer that same style of storytelling in addition to reading my written words. My hope is that while listening, you'll find yourself lost in the story with a more intentional mindset that will help keep you centered and peaceful. Enjoy.

~ Amy

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I was honored to be a guest on The Love Offering and Thankyouheartbreak podcasts.  You can listen in on my interviews by clicking on the images below.






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