About Amy

Amy is a wife. mother. daughter. sister. friend. survivor. encourager. believer.


Amy loves entertaining with family and friends. A self-proclaimed "beach junkie", health nut, and chocolate lover, she loves cooking, baking, attending her kids sporting events and getting in weekly HIIT workouts with her friend Alice.


Amy has a weekly blog and has had articles featured in ThriveGlobal, Womenencouraged.com, InDependent, DisplayingGrace, ForEveryMom, YourTango, and Today Parenting. She has been a guest speaker on Rachael Adams, The Love Offering Podcast as well as Chelsea Leigh Trescotts, Thankyouheartbreak and is currently working on her first book. 


Her faith in God is what gives her the courage to be intentional in all areas of her life.

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